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Trauma Recovery Coaching

People are resilient. You are a walking testimony of that. But past traumatic experiences can affect our happiness, productivity, and ability to make and maintain relationships. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk says that trauma leaves traces, whether on a large scale (on our histories and cultures) or close to home, on our families, with dark secrets being imperceptibly passed down through generations. They also leave traces on our minds and emotions, on our capacity for joy and intimacy and even on our biology and immune systems. 

LittleBird Trauma Recovery Coaching is for anyone who has been held back by previously unaddressed trauma. We focus on self-discovery with the goal of helping you move forward in life without your previous trauma reactions and coping mechanisms. Trauma recovery doesn't mean living in victimhood, or defining yourself as a victim. We don't dwell on the past. We simply help you integrate your reactions to past trauma into present-day experience, using a recovery mindset, your own resilience, and solution-forward coaching strategies.

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DNA Surprise/NPE/

LittleBird Coaching helps people reset after a surprise DNA discovery. We work with NPEs, donor-conceived people, adoptees, or people who have experienced other lifelong family secrets that can be deeply traumatic to discover. DNA surprises can result in shock, loss of identity, loss of family, rejection, grief, genetic bewilderment, depression, rage, and prolonged identity crisis.

Like B.K. Jackson from Severance Magazine says, adjusting to a new DNA discovery is about "adjusting to shifting realities or living with the unknown."

NPEs deserve the right that everyone is owed: to know where we came from, to learn our true medical histories, to understand the history of our true genealogy. 

We help you:

  • adjust to the shock of your DNA discovery

  • navigate potential decisions about contacting biological family

  • think through the complexities of meeting new family members and redefining old family dynamics.

  • adjust to loss

  • heal through trauma and/or grief

  • work through rage

Trauma Recovery Through Writing

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop and course announcements in 2023.

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