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Life Coaching for Trauma Recovery | LittleBird Coaching

Compassionate Life Coaching for Trauma Recovery, DNA Surprises, and Those Seeking to Heal from Life-Altering Experiences 

Life Coaching for Trauma Recovery | LittleBird Coaching

Hi, I'm Dawn

I'm a personal coach who specializes in trauma recovery, DNA surprises, such as NPE/MPE/late-discovery adoption and donor-conceived discoveries, and healing through creative practice. I use traditional life coaching techniques, trauma recovery techniques, and creative writing to help people reach their personal and healing goals.

I focus on a few things:

  • Trauma recovery coaching:  Any type of trauma can create wide-ranging, long-term effects. I help people navigate acute, single-incident trauma, such as a medical event or accident, or complex trauma derived from exposure to multiple traumatic events. 

  • Writing to heal/healing your writing: I help trauma survivors develop a creative writing practice to help them heal through telling their stories. I also occasionally help creative writers who are struggling to reach their publication goals, because more often than not, good writers who can't achieve their goals struggle with behaviors patterns resulting from past events in their lives. 

  • Coaching people who discover a misattributed parent, usually revealed through DNA testing:  I help people reset after a surprise DNA discovery. This can results in learning that the father who raised you is not your biological father, but it can also reveal donor conception, nonconsensual sex, kidnapping, formal or informal adoption, or other lifelong secrets that can be deeply traumatic to discover. People who make these discoveries are often called NPEs or MPEs. DNA surprises can result in shock, loss of identity, loss of family, rejection, grief, genetic bewilderment, depression, rage, and prolonged identity crisis.

Personal coaching and trauma recovery coaching are not replacements for medical care or psychotherapy, but they work beautifully as complements to medical and psychological care. To learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy, click that little orange button.

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Let's Talk Trauma for a Sec

​What is trauma?


Trauma isn't just a "bad thing" that happens to us, or an unpleasant experience, or an event or experience that is disappointing.  We all have bad, unpleasant, and disappointing experiences. They are part of everyone's life. Trauma is an experience, event, or series of events that exceeds our coping skills and leaves us different as we move forward after the event or experience. 


Trauma changes the way our brains function, and that change is evident in us as we move forward in life. Trauma can affect our mood, our behavior patterns, or responses to events and how we live in relationship with others. It can affect our physical health and can show up as brain changes in scans. Many people don't recognize that they are living with the after-effects of traumatic experiences and it can reduce the quality of their lives.


We believe it is possible to heal from traumatic experiences.


A trauma recovery coach can help give you the tools to step out of learned trauma responses, identify your strengths, and develop healthy beliefs and positive coping strategies for moving forward in life. The goal is to ease out of the state of victimhood and trauma response/reaction, and learn to live a self-led life.

Trauma recovery coaches don't see our clients as "broken" or "weak," or "sick" or "dysfunctional." We see you as having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.


We don't "pathologize" or diagnose your behavior. We don't design treatment plans. We don't tell you what to do. We don't see you as any different than we are. In fact, trauma recovery coaches are often trauma survivors themselves.  


LittleBird Coaching can help you:

  • Learn how to connect with yourself and others by identifying trauma-based negative beliefs 

  • Establish personal safety parameters

  • Identify current maladaptive coping behaviors

  • Identify your strengths and maximize them

  • Set goals and create an action plan for your recovery

  • Develop coping strategies to facilitate personal change

  • Measure your success with specific behavioral outcomes

  • Understand how intergenerational trauma, family mythology and family systems have affected your beliefs and behavior

  • Structure your growth with accountability

  • Celebrate your wins

Let us know how we can help! 

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Writing with Pen

DNA/NPE Surprises 

Life coaching for adults who have experienced DNA surprises such as NPE discoveries, late-discovery adoption, or donor-conceived discoveries.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma recovery coaching to help clients identify strengths, create healthy beliefs, and discover positive coping strategies to facility recovery from traumatic experiences or events.

Healing Through Writing

Healing through creative writing can help you articulate your personal experiences and move toward understanding and recovery. 

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