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Welcome to LittleBird Coaching, a Place for Trauma Recovery

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We're kind. We're committed. We're trauma-informed. We care about you because you matter. Read more below about new research that shows how coaching can be as effective as therapy.

New Study Shows That Coaching May Be As Effective as Therapy

A recent study may suggest that certified coaches trained in evidence-based mental health approaches can be as effective as other forms of mental health support, especailly for people with mild-to-moderate mental health needs. In a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science, 58 percent of people with depression symptoms who began working with a certified coach experienced clinical recovery after at least one session, and saw a 76 percent increase in their well-being overall. You can read an artice about it here on Psychology Today.

But Coaching Isn't Therapy, Right?

No.Coaches are not therapists, but we love therapists and appreciate the ways in which we work differently. In fact, if we see signs of mental illness that is beyond our peer-to-peer support model, certified coaches refer our clients to pshchologists or therapists. In some cases, clients can work with a coach and mental health professional at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive.

It's All About the Working Alliance

Coaches strive to create a supportive peer relationship with their clients. Our clients aren't patients and we don't diagnose, create treatment plans, or assume that something is wrong with a cleint simply because they are asking for support to get through a difficult life event. Instead of a "theraputic alliance," like the kind developed between therapists and their clients, coaches strive for to create a simiarl "working alliance" with their clients, which includes building qualities like trust and personal affection, maintaining a collaborative, creative place to explore options, and working on agreed-upon goals.

Sometimes a coaching relationship is the first experience a client has with real, healthy, demonstrative support in his or her life. The coaching relationship can be a place of healing, a place where a client can practice safe communication.

You've had enough trauma. Finding a coach should not add more. Book a discovery call with LittleBird Coaching and explore what it would be like to work with us.

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