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Trauma Recovery with LittleBird


How Does Trauma Recovery or Transformative
Coaching with LittleBird Work?

LittleBird Coaching is a client-led coaching method that helps people understand the presence of past trauma in their present-day experience.  Trauma recovery coaches work with clients as peers, mentors, guides and educators, with the goal of replacing old default behavior patterns and trauma responses with new patterns and belief systems. Coaching is not therapy, though clients often also work with therapist while working with a life coach.

Who is Trauma Recovery Coaching For?

Trauma recovery coaching and transformative coaching with LittleBird is for anyone who has experienced adverse events that have left them changed moving forward in life. This applies to complex relational trauma experienced in childhood, medical trauma, single-event trauma, DNA surprises, cPTSD, PTSD, and more. At LittleBird Coaching, we walk beside you as you navigate your way into a state of new behaviors, thoughts, and actions. The difficult parts of your life doesn't have to negatively impact you, but if you are struggling, you deserve to have a supportive place to explore it, process it, then then find ways to integrate yourself into a goal-driven life that makes a difference for you, your family and friends, and your community.

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